The Rotac 17-Pdr Gun RL

Great Britain's “ultimate” anti-tank gun the - ORDNANCE, Q.F., 17-PR., MARK I on CARRIAGE, 17-PR., MARK I has been re-created in 1/6th scale. This firing model chambered in .50 BMG has been recreated using original engineering drawings and existing full-size examples.  The .50 BMG cartridge closely represents the original 77mm round in 1/6th scale.

The model will also be available in most commercial or military calibres below .50 BMG.

The project fully complies with all UK Firearms laws and can be purchased with the requisite Section One FAC in the UK or with as required permissions outside the UK.

A .50 BMG Round Top - rear view, Middle - the breech mechanism, Bottom - view through the sight ©Rotac Ltd 2015. KENT RFD 9803 
All rights reserved. Company No. 08930094 Registered in England and Wales

The barrels are either 316 stainless or Chrom Moly and are hook rifled by a major sub-supplier of the London Gun Trade. The cradles and slides that also house the recoil springs (That gives it a full-sized operating appearance) are an in-house design and  fabricated  in Carbon Steel. The gun is 46 inches long (1170mm) x 14 inches wide (335mm) x 11 inches high (280mm) and weighs an approximate 37.5 Lbs (17Kgs). The cradle has a Picatinny rail for telescopic sight mounting and is equipped with a Vernier elevation scale. A hard case, basic tools and full instructions and exploded diagrams (Where necessary) will be provided. We can arrange shipping to any destination world-wide on production of the necessary authorisation to possess and ship but may also involve back-ground checks for export purposes, or shipment through a local approved gun dealership. The Estimated retail price net of shipping, import tax,  duty or onward freight will be UK Sterling 25,000 / US Dollars 31,500. We are in the final stages of development - we aim to be in a position to deliver the first production model in Q1 2019.

A composite image of our 17 Pdr superimposed on an image of the Nijmigen Bridge


William Roper, gunmaker

Rotac Ltd could not have come in to existence without one of the UK’s last apprenticed gunmakers William ‘Bill’ Roper who sadly passed away in Sept 2015. Bills obituary was featured in the Daily Telegraph and can be read by clicking here.


Click above to watch our VIDEO

A video still showing the gun firing .50 BMG standard military ball ammunition.